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Manoj Gudi
Chief Technology Officer


Indoor Insights

Let’s think beyond GPS. Our accurate and robust indoor navigation tool will allow you to tap into a new horizon of interactions, use cases and interest.


Opted users need not turn on their WiFi/Bluetooth, and it will still deliver the same accuracy! Background services enable you to proactively guide your users.

Location Analytics

Our analytics that track app download spot, usage pattern and location, frequently visited places by user helps you to enhance user retention and conversion.

Battery Efficient

Location services generally bleed batteries dry - but not us! Our OS level optimizations ensure no excess battery and data usage.

No Hardware

Say no to extra hardware. Our solution fuses data from sensors on phone, so you don't have to go through the hassles of installing hardware at your points of interest.

Pay As You Go

Whether you are a lean startup or an MNC, our pricing structure will accommodate and adapt to your needs, users, apps and analytical requirements.


How difficult is it to incorporate?

Implementation is easy. Here’s the quick guide to be up & running:

45 minutes is all it takes for you to integrate the SDK into your app. Contact us to get underway.

Do send your resumes to and
and we will get back to your shortly.


After receiving multiple notifications to buy water purifiers from a leading eTail app, a group of IIT Bombay Alumni realised how broken app based targeting is. In this newfound pursuit of context, we searched far and wide, and soon realised we should be searching indoors instead. We spend almost 90% of our time indoors - be it in homes, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, airports or restaurants.

The huge amount of time, coupled with the investment a customer makes to actually get off his bed and go to a mall, is one of the greatest indicators of intent. So when a user has spent 15 minutes inside a jeans store, you can be pretty damn sure that she wants some jeans. In order to bring this context to app developers everywhere, we gathered together a team - a hardware hacker, a missile navigation specialist, a banker and a backend expert - to build what we have today.

We have built the most comprehensive Indoor Positioning Solution for App developers. Get instant context, historical perspective, and a lot more, just by an easy integration of our SDK.

Contact Us to figure out how you can GetFocus for your business. Our solution can help shopping apps, social networks, payment apps, and even banks, airlines and more. You can also call Prateek on +91 96191 07774.

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